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Temenos Retreat

R657.5 per person

Accommodation | Sanctuary & Retreat | Restaurant

Sleeps: 26
Minimum booking: 2 nights
Monday- Thursdays: Single R585 per room; Double R1085 per room
Friday- Sunday: Single R905 per night; Double R1315 per night

* 50% deposit required to confirm reservation

Distance to McGregor 0.27 km

Discover a world of exceptional tranquility and beauty…

Choose from Traditional Cape Cottages set in orchards of lavender and olive trees or Cape Georgian suites attached to our quiet garden library.

Our restaurant Tebaldi’s specializes in fresh country cuisine – and is open daily except Mondays for delicious breakfasts and lunches. We are also open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night when our chef will present you a superb a la carte menu.

We also offer:
A Lap Swimming pool
Fireplaces in each suite
A well stocked garden library
Healing Body therapies
Optional daily Yoga and Meditation
Guided country walks



TEMENOS is very popular as a wedding venue. Our emphasis is on creating heartfelt ceremonies that express the individuality of the couple getting married ensuring that each service is a unique experience. Celebrations can take place in our beautiful chapel surrounded by red roses, or in THE WELL with its Camelot of candlelight, or under the trees in our spiral garden.

Our conference venue CARITAS is relaxed and informal offering the facilitator and groups an experience that is personal and unlike conventional conference facilities. Our Co-ordinator will assist you in ensuring that your conference needs are met according to your expectations.

The Healing Gardens of Temenos
The Temenos garden is situated in the heart of McGregor, and is well loved by the many guests who come year after year to enjoy its remarkable tranquility. Designed along the lines of a contemplative monastery garden, the visitor will find many spaces to be still and reflect. The creator of the garden was originally inspired by a book called ‘Secret Gardens’ , and now finds much joy as the trees and shrubs have grown over the years to reveal a variety of sacred spaces and corners that are healing to the body, mind and spirit. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the gardens, and so are a wide variety of plants – both indigenous and exotic – encouraged to flourish together. As a result the garden has an impression of abundant wildness, and at the same time a sense of being well tended and cared for.

Accommodation available in Georgian and traditional Cape cottages in beautiful tranquil gardens in the heart of McGregor.

What began as scrubby veld made up mostly of shale has become a healing sanctuary of mystery and wonder. Designed for the visitor to find corners of solitude and tranquility, our gardens are not unlike the monasteries of old. During your stay you might find yourself drawn to a particular space which perhaps will resonate with your own need for peace or gentle reflection and healing.

One of the experiences guests enjoy most is walking in our spiral garden. A spiral is deeply symbolic and when one mindfully enters a spiral, one may experience a deepening of the awareness of one’s own spiritual journey. Our spiral is also unique in that five great spiritual traditions are quietly honoured, each with its own shrine. Here the war has ended! And in the shade of the cyprus ‘God may come to rest’.

Our Zen Garden is available for anyone who enjoys this form of meditation – either raking away pine needles or just sitting and ‘watching the grass grow by itself’.

Baraka, a shrine to the Beloved, is surrounded by water and beautiful indigenous gardens. An ideal place to rest and watch the sun set – or to look out across McGregor to Meditation Mount.

Below our top dam you will find the Garden of Remembrance and the Teresa of Avila Garden. Teresa was a Spanish mystic who lived many centuries ago. A bold statue of her reminds us that we ought never to take ourselves too seriously!

In the western corner of the Centre is the Angel for Lost Children. Commissioned by Elain Anderson, who made her own long journey to healing after the loss of a child, sculptor Bulelani Nooi created the angel to whom others may come for peace and consolation. Her arms are outstretched towards the rising sun – and many visitors bring flowers to place in her hands.

At the centre of the gardens is our duck pond with its little island teeming with bird life. A gentle form of meditation at Temenos is to watch the weavers at work, or the mandarins at play with one another. And the peacocks preening themselves in the warm sun.

Roses love McGregor and so you will find several hundred rose bushes scattered among the chapel grounds and the cottages. Several of our cottages are placed in olive orchards under which lavender and rosemary flourish. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of our gardens, besides the profusion of indigenous flora, is the atmosphere of tranquility that so many visitors have come to enjoy … This is not only a tangible but also an unforgettable experience.

The Well is one of our sacred spaces where daily meditations or quiet times are held. We offer silent meditation twice a day.

Anyone is welcome to attend – and as our emphasis at the centre is on being gentle with oneself, the sittings are only twenty minutes. Individuals meditate for many different reasons – to be more present to oneself, to deepen a connection with the Divine, to facilitate healing, or simply to calm down and relax. We will gladly assist those who would like to learn more about meditation – or find a way of meditating which is comfortable for them.

Although the Little Way is a chapel, it has an ambience consistent with the open spirit of Temenos. It was one of the first buildings to be erected at Temenos and has been used not only for daily prayers and meditation but also for naming and christening ceremonies, weddings, anniversaries and celebrations of life. It features a wooden celtic cross crafted by Will van der Schaaf. At the centre of the cross is an open space holding a heart symbolic of the openness of Temenos and the Beloved.

The icons were painted by Brother Richard Maidwell C.s.s.R., whose passion and talent lie in the field of iconography. In many ways the Temenos icons break with tradition. The Christ figure does not hold the Sacred Word but rather opens his hands to all who enter. The Buddha and Christ embracing are a strong representation of East meeting West – and of the tolerance and compassion that are the cornerstones of the garden of the Beloved. The icon of the Mother has the world at its centre reminding us not only of the wonder of the incarnation but also that the spiritual journey can begin in the here and now – and that this life is rich and to be honoured as sacred.

  • Included
    Temenos Retreat
    Serviced (on request)
    Thatched roof
    Swimming pool
    Indoor fireplace
    Fully equipped kitchen
    Linen and towels
  • Not Included
    Wheelchair access
    Locked safe
    Accommodation only
    Pets by request