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What is the nearest town?

Robertson is 20km from McGregor.

Is there a petrol station in McGregor?

Yes there is, but please note that they close over lunch time.

Is there an ATM in McGregor?

Yes, we have two ATM’s inside the Anna Lisa China Shop at the entrance to the village: ABSA & Standard Bank.

Can we buy groceries in McGregor?

We have a butcher and some café’s, the closest Spar and Pick ‘n Pay are in Robertson.

What are the emergency contact numbers?

Police 023 625 8000;
Fire Brigade 023 626 5340/70;
Ambulance 10177 / 023 626 5406;
Snake catcher 083 740 9472;
Doctor (name here) in Robertson 023 626 3006

Can we pre-book our Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail permits?

Yes, you can contact us on and we will send you our banking details for you to make an EFT payment.

Is there somewhere in McGregor where we can buy ready-made meals?

Yes, you can order ready-made meals from Sistars, either from their shop in the Old Hotel or on 076 755 0148.

Is there a laundry in McGregor?

Yes there is, contact them on 023 625 1033.

Are there transport companies that can give us a lift back to McGregor from Greyton if we hike the Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail?

Yes, you can contact either Geoff Botten on 023 004 0018 or Trevor Theunissen on 079 0809164.

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