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We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for the projects we support in need, you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please “click here” to see what supplies are needed for our projects.”




First Step Ballet, McGregor South Africa
Reg NPO 185-488
Empowering Youth, Empowering Woman, Empowering Children.
Unemployment, Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Teenage Pregnancy.
First Step Ballet, McGregor was founded in 2014 by Mary Corpe Silver to address these problems and give the children and youth a focus in their lives, to provide this impoverished community with creative and structured after school activities.
Our vision is to prepare talented dancers for entry into a Ballet school or Performing Arts School once they have completed High School. This preparation involves dance, speech, drama, literature and poetry. Through these classes the students learn a wide variety of life skills and more importantly self confidence and discipline.
You can follow us on Instagram: @firststepballetmcgregorsa
Facebook: First Step Ballet McGregor South Africa


The Byekorf Creche
NPO registration no: 213-232
Early childhood development
Main Objectives
Develop the physical, mental, social and mental development of children. To ensure that children receive quality education and care in a safe environment. To see Byekorf day-care centre implement policies and guidelines. To protect the rights of children. To provide children with healthy and balanced meals twice a week.
Expected outcomes
Proper and safe equipment provided to children and educators
To ensure that the building structure is well cared for and in good condition
For educational material obtained for the children to develop the optimal
Good care of vegetable garden to supply vegetables to the kitchen
Children can master the various milestones. 6. Good communication between parents and teachers.

There are 45 children aged between 18 months and 5 years

The McGregor Arts Community Project
NPO #151-551
The McGregor Arts Community Project is located in the small village of McGregor which is in the Western Cape of South Africa.
The aims and objectives are:
To foster an appreciation of visual, performing and literary arts in the Western Cape village of McGregor.
To create a Project in which the arts are truly valued as a community asset.
To use the arts as a means to bring about social integration and community upliftment.
To foster the role of the arts as a contributor to the improvement of the quality of individual lives.
To utilise the arts as an important vehicle for addressing relevant social issues within the community.
To provide a platform that identifies, encourages and promotes artistic talent.
To host regular Arts Festivals in McGregor which incorporate and bring together the entire community.
To foster and support young talented artists and arts initiatives in the community.
To support tourism and job opportunities linked to the Festivals.
To encourage local residents to participate and develop their entrepreneurial skills.


The Mothertongue Project
NPO 098-736; PBO 930015785
Our main objectives
The Mothertongue Project started the Langeberg Youth Arts Project in 2012 in order to develop programmes for the youth and children of McGregor and surrounding farms. It is necessary to develop the capacities of youth and children on farms as this sector has historically been and continues to be the poorest and most marginalised in the region, with under resourced child care and school facilities. The Langeberg Youth Arts Project provides the youth and children with educational support, life –skills, leadership, communication, and entrepreneurial skills mainly through the use of participatory theatre and integrated arts methodology. The Project established after-school drama and early years theatre projects that are facilitated by trained youth leaders on their respective farms for children and youth.  As part of the prevention work, the Project holds regular awareness raising performances and dialogue groups around issues such as TB, gender violence, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy in the region to various schools, and community based organisations. The project is innovate and unique as it is strongly driven by the local young men and women who are extremely motivated to share and expand their skills and work, and in so doing, uplift their communities. Despite the challenges of the long distances between the farms and no public transport, there are visible expansions of our work in the region.
The main results of the project are:
youth on farms developing core life skills that will prepare them for employment and children on farms reaching their early learning goals – improved communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development.

McGregor Young Warriors and Angels Mountain Biking Academy

The McGregor Young Warriors and Angels Mountain Biking Academy is run by Max Waxhead Menzies in the small village of McGregor in the Western Cape of South Africa.This project provides youngsters in the village with mountain bike training, their own bikes, and mentoring and support when entering mountain bike competitions. The project has expanded to such an extent that these youngsters are now able to offer bike servicing and repairs to residents and visitors. Additional bikes (mountain and BMX) have been donated for other youngsters in McGregor as well as bikes for rent from the McGregor Tourism Office. Some of the Young Warriors are being trained to offer bike-tours through the village. Recently a Bike Park was constructed to give young riders a safe place to have fun riding their bikes.

The Breede Centre Trust
NPO 242-183; PBO 930004974
Our main objectives
To train self-reliant and empowered people who reach their full potential. A supportive educational centre in McGregor serving the wider community.
1: To facilitate and safeguard childhood (0 to 18 years)
To offer Early Childhood Development programmes.
To offer Afterschool programmes
To offer Educational programmes
All the above programmes encompass emotional, mental, spiritual, moral, physical and social care to enhance the development of children including but not limited to training and parent development.
2: To facilitate structured skill training and developmental Youth Programmes (15 years and older)
To offer structured skills training in a variety of fields including but not limited to Building crafts, Handicraft, Hospitality and Food Security Projects.
To offer a wide variety of Life Skills training including but not limited to Entrepreneurship, Computers skills, Customers services and Financial skills.
To offer recreational and developmental Youth Programmes (18 and older)
3: To structure and manage financing and funding.
To ensure that fundraising is done, including but not limited to self-funding and sponsorship.
To ensure good governance of all finances, including but not limited to accounting records and audits.
To manage income generating Social Enterprises to augment the income for the centre and to be used but not limited to teaching business skills to trainees.
To assist with self-employment and employment through home industries and small businesses including but not limited to job application training and mentorship.
4: To offer psycho-social services
To offer social, psychological and therapeutic support  by appropriately trained staff and/or consultants
5: To develop the capacities and standards of the Breede Centre.
To have a staff development and capacity building strategy
To establish and maintain structures and standards in line with business practices to ensure good governance.


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